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Beyond Notation: The Music of Earle Brown (Editor and Contributor), published by University of Michigan Press, 2017.



Biography of Earle Brown, March 2021. Commissioned by The Earle Brown Music Foundation for

“A United Front: John Cage and the Foundation’s First Decade” in Artists for Artists: Fifty Years of the Foundation for Contemporary Arts, edited by Eric Banks (New York: Foundation for Contemporary Arts, 2013). Commissioned by FCA.


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“A Return To Song,” essay for first complete recording of John Cage’s Song Books, Sub Rosa 344, CD, 2012.


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Biography of Cathy Berberian, August 2005. Commissioned for by Cristina Berio.


From New York to Vermont: Conversation with Steve Reich,” Current Musicology 67-68 (2002): 345–66. Reprinted on the composer’s website,


Review of Changing the System: The Music of Christian Wolff, edited by Stephen Chase and Philip Thomas. American Music 30, no. 1 (2012): 120–22.


Political Icons on Stage: Nixon in China at the Met.” Review-essay, New York Arts: An International Journal for the Arts, March 2011.


Expressions of Haan in the Voice of Korea.” Review-essay, annual concert of The Korean Traditional Performing Arts Association of New York, New York Arts: An International Journal for the Arts, December 2010.


Wagner’s Ring Cycle and Otto Schenk.” Review-essay, The Metropolitan Opera production, New York Arts: An International Journal for the Arts, May 2009.

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